[quagga-dev 4135] Re: Patch snippet for CVE-2006-2276 (bgpd DoS) for backporting?

Paul Jakma paul at clubi.ie
Sun May 14 07:36:35 BST 2006

Hi Christian,

On Sat, 13 May 2006, Christian Hammers wrote:

> To prepare security update packages for quagga-0.98.3 which was 
> released with Debian 3.1, I need a small-as-possible patch. Can 
> someone point me to the corresponding CVS commit? The diff between 
> 0.98.5 and 0.98.6 is too big to figure out what is necessary.

The following URL[2] might be of help:


You want this commit:


The 'plain' hyper-link gets you the raw diff.

The following is probably also required (same area), but is not in 
0.98 yet:


> (I already have patches for the two ripd problems)

Note that you also need:


for the backwards compatibility issues to work as I had intended (and 
documented) in 0.98. There may be a 0.98.7 to further deal with 
configuration backwards-compatiblity[1].

1. Still awaiting comments on that thread from anyone as to how ripd 
/ought/ to behave..

2. And no, the other maintainers don't use git, so the git repository 
above may lag slightly from CVS, depending on when I sync it with 
CVS. It's very useful none the less.

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