[quagga-dev 4150] OSPFD and MTU Mismatch

Simon Talbot simont at nse.co.uk
Tue May 23 11:40:17 BST 2006

Hi All,

Am I right in thinking that there is no way to persuade OSPFD to disable
OSPF MTU mismatch detection on received DBD packets between neighbours
(see code snippit below from ospf_packet.c):

  /* Check MTU. */
  if (ntohs (dd->mtu) > oi->ifp->mtu)
      zlog_warn ("Packet[DD]: Neighbor %s MTU %u is larger than [%s]'s
MTU %u",
                 inet_ntoa (nbr->router_id), ntohs (dd->mtu),
                 IF_NAME (oi), oi->ifp->mtu);

Am I missing something or is there no way of doing the equivalent (in
cisco terms) of:

 ip ospf mtu-ignore

If there is not another way of achieving this, do you think an
implementation similar to Cisco's is worthwhile, or is it too much of a
bodge for the RFC purists ?


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