[quagga-dev 4437] Re: Syntax check patch

Paul Jakma paul at clubi.ie
Sat Oct 14 16:15:37 BST 2006

Hi Oliver,

On Sun, 8 Oct 2006, Oliver Hookins wrote:

> Hi Paul,
> here is the syntax check patch taking into account the comments you made on 
> my first attempt. Some notes:
> * I've changed the change log to separately credit the original author and 
> myself.
> * The option is now uniformly -C rather than a mix of cases (I must admit 
> that was originally just laziness on my part)


> * I couldn't see any difference in formatting/spacing between files that you 
> mentioned so I haven't changed that aspect.

There was, but hey.

> * I have tested the behaviour on each daemon with success.


> The good thing is that running a config check doesn't interrupt the 
> operation of an already running daemon, however they still try (and 
> fail) to grab the TCP socket, because this happens before the 
> config parsing is done. It doesn't seem to have any ill effect but 
> maybe you'll think it wise to move opening the socket until after 
> the config parsing?

Yes, seems like an idea.

I'm committing the patch to my git tree, I'll push it out to CVS 
shortly. If you could supply an additional patch to 'fix' the socket 
grab, that'd be great.

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