[quagga-dev 4453] Re: Extending Quagga through modules

Paul Jakma paul at clubi.ie
Fri Oct 27 15:10:28 BST 2006

Hi Ross,

On Fri, 27 Oct 2006, Ross Cameron wrote:

> Idea goes as follows,...
> (1)               I'd like to put together another module for Quagga that
> can admin IPtables (possibly later on include support for the *BSD packet
> filters aswell) in a manner that more or less emulates the Cisco PIX
> environment.
> (2)              I'd like to impliment modules for supporting IPsec and
> OpenVPN that also more or less emulate thier Cisco equivalents.
> (3)              Add support for rp-ppoe/isdn/dialup
> Then Quagga would be able to be used as a drop in replacement for 
> Cisco IOS routers and PIX firewalls. With a consistent interface 
> across all.
> Good idea??? or Bad idea???

Good idea.

> Anyone interesting in exploring this???

If someone wants to write these things, the best way is to write them 
as standalone daemons and use libzebra.

Interaction with zebra can be done via the 'Zserv' IPC, which can be 
extended with commands as required.

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