[quagga-dev 4344] Quagga with IPv6

Niklas CA racer at iextreme.org
Wed Sep 6 16:02:26 BST 2006

Im forwarding an message I wrote yesterday and I hope someone could help me out.

> Hey, I am trying to run a IPv6 POP for the XS26 IPv6 project, I 
> installed the latest version of quagga from ports, and I edited the 
> bgpd.conf and zebra.conf as I did on my Debian Linux machine, I even 
> had other ppl from the XS26 project see it to determ if there is any 
> bogus lines or chars in it, and it wasnt.
> My system is:
> FreeBSD trancy.iextreme.org 6.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE #0: Mon 
> Aug 28 21:27:36 CEST 2006     racer at trancy.iextreme.org:/usr/src/sys/i386/compile/TRANCY   i386
> and when I start the bgpd and zebra daemons, it wont write anything to 
> the kernel routing tables, I dont know why, but it just wont work.
> The exact same configuration works on my Debian machine, and other 
> ppls Debian machines. I've spoken to alot of ppl who knows FreeBSD, 
> and some of them, have the same problem as me, so I figured it's not 
> my fault, my machines fault or anything related to me.
> If you want to see the configurations yourself, I can put them on a 
> webbpage or implent them in a mail and send it over to you.

I just want to add, that im compiling with the standard options... which is

OPTIONS=        ISISD           "Enable experimental ISIS daemon"       off \
                PAM             "PAM authentication for vtysh"  off \
                OSPF_NSSA       "NSSA support (RFC1587)"        off \
                OSPF_OPAQUE_LSA "OSPF Opaque-LSA support (RFC2370)" off \
                RTADV           "IPv6 Router Advertisements"    off \
                SNMP            "SNMP support"                  off \
                TCPSOCKETS      "Use TCP/IP sockets for protocol daemons" off \
                TCPMD5          "Use experimental MD5 patch for BGP" off

Thanks in advance!

Regards Niklas CA.
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