[quagga-dev 4346] Re: Want to contribute !!!!!

Hugo Santos hsantos at av.it.pt
Thu Sep 7 11:23:53 BST 2006


> We have decided to give multicast protocol support for quagga/zebra
> routing suite which includes.
> 1.Protocol Independent Multicast (RFC 2362)
> 2.Border Gateway Multicast Protocol (RFC 3913)
> 3.Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol(RFC 1075)

   Personally i think that both BGMP and DVMRP aren't worth implementing
 considering their real-world usage. PIM however is. I'm also a PIM
 implementor and in the past i tried to bring some multicast support to
 the zebra core (i ran out of cycles meanwhile). I would advise you to
 add MRIB support to zebra after cleaning up the zebra protocol to allow
 SAFI to be specified (i had some old patches lingering somewhere, i'm
 also not sure if something in this direction has been integrated by
 now). If you guys really want to implement PIM (personally i would
 rather have quagga interface with an already existing PIM daemon) and
 want to follow the same design as unicast, then the MFIB handling
 should go into zebra as well as to support as well future (or old)
 multicast routing protocols.


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