[quagga-dev 4399] Re: bgpd printf size_t warning

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Sun Sep 24 23:44:16 BST 2006

"Andrew J. Schorr" <aschorr at telemetry-investments.com> writes:

> So that solves the problem of how to print a size_t.  Now suppose
> it's a u_int32_t (like OSPF_IF_PARAM(oi, v_wait)).   First, note
> that the C99 standard type would be uint32_t, although this is optional.
> (Refer to section 7.18 of the C-99 spec, or take a look in <stdint.h>
> and <inttypes.h>.)

Really the problem is printf and/or C, not quagga.  C promotes to
normal integer type, so u_int32_t being printed as %u should only be a
real problem on systems where int is < 32 bits.  I think we should
punt on this until there's a practical problem at least as serious as
the current size_t kerfluffle.
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