[quagga-dev 4402] Re: Segfault in lib/smux.c

Pierre-Yves Ritschard pierre-yves at spootnik.org
Tue Sep 26 11:38:28 BST 2006

>>>  /* Generic trap integer. */
>>>  ptr = asn_build_int (ptr, &len,
>>>                    (u_char)(ASN_UNIVERSAL | ASN_PRIMITIVE |
>>>                    &val, sizeof (int));
> Ok I read the code in net-snmp and as it happens, asn_build_int checks the
> fifth parameter against sizeof(long), so that's what made quagga segfault.
> I'll submit a patch shortly
The attached patch solves the problem with smux, I'm left with another
segfault now, but I'll write a different email describing it.
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