[quagga-dev 4413] Re: more 64 bit issues in smux

Pierre-Yves Ritschard pierre-yves at spootnik.org
Wed Sep 27 16:35:46 BST 2006

> Ok the problem comes from libsnmp as it would seem, the function
> smux_parse which is called through the FindVarMethod function pointer in
> smux_get (which is itself called from smux_trap).
> Anyhow sometimes this functions which is supposed to return a value, a
> type and a length for this value returns a length of 4 for ASN_INTEGERS
> (which as they are longs in the snmp sense should be 8).
> The attached patch is a fix for this, but does not solve the root of the
> problem, which I'm still looking
> for.

previous patch was in wrong format.
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