[quagga-dev 4415] Re: more 64 bit issues in smux

Pierre-Yves Ritschard pierre-yves at spootnik.org
Wed Sep 27 18:01:34 BST 2006

> ./bgpd/bgp_snmp.c:873:  REGISTER_MIB("mibII/bgp", bgp_variables, variable,
> bgp_oid);
> ./ospf6d/ospf6_snmp.c:526:  REGISTER_MIB ("OSPFv3MIB", ospfv3_variables,
> variable, ospfv3_oid);
> ./ospfd/ospf_snmp.c:2635:  REGISTER_MIB("mibII/ospf", ospf_variables,
> variable, ospf_oid);
> ./ripd/rip_snmp.c:579:  REGISTER_MIB("mibII/rip", rip_variables, variable,
> rip_oid);
> ./zebra/zebra_snmp.c:566:  REGISTER_MIB("mibII/ipforward",
> zebra_variables, variable, ipfw_oid);
> And if you look at that source code, you will see where the findVar
> functions are defined (4th field of struct variable).  And if you look
> in those functions, it seems (based on your bug report) that you may
> find bugs that need to be fixed...
Thanks andrew, I got that part wrong.
I'll submit a patch tomorrow morning. I still got issues to correct
afterwards since once this is fixed, the walking breaks snmpd... Looks
like I'm the first one using quagga and the ospf smux on linux/amd64 !
Sorry for all the noise.

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