[quagga-dev 5043] Extracting routes from bgpd

Brighten Godfrey pbg at cs.berkeley.edu
Fri Aug 31 11:03:22 BST 2007


I'm planning to use Quagga for a routing research project.  To do  
this I need to use my own custom forwarding plane, rather than having  
Quagga insert routes into the kernel's table (since I'll essentially  
be using Quagga as a router for an overlay network).

I know how to run only bgpd and turn off insertion of routes into the  
kernel.  The question is, how do I extract the route updates as  
they're happening?  Is it enough for me to observe the changes that  
pass through `bgp_zebra_withdraw' and `bgp_zebra_announce' in  
bgp_zebra.c in order to get a full trace of which routes bgpd is  
selecting for each destination over time?  Any gotchas I should watch  
out for?

A second question -- does Quagga support a minimum route  
advertisement interval (MRAI)?  I haven't found mention of it one way  
or the other, so I'm guessing the answer is no...  How hard would  
that be to add?

Thanks for your time!
Brighten Godfrey

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