[quagga-dev 5013] Re: 0.99.8 & FreeBSD compilation

Boris Kovalenko boris at tagnet.ru
Fri Aug 3 03:44:47 BST 2007


    I'm not sure about general pam spec, but the OpenPAM requires that. 
Unfortunately I have no experience with autotools so I can not provide 
patch for configure.ac. IMHO this should be something like
#if defined(__FreeBSD__)
#include <security/pam_types.h>

in section of QUAGGA_INCLUDES
>      We have troubles compiling 0.99.8 on FreeBSD. The configure script
>   fails to detect openpam.h (which is present in /usr/include/security)
>   becase pam_types.h should be included. Would You please fix that?
> Is that required by openpam, or the general pam spec, or just needed on
> FreeBSD?  I'm not sure if we should just add a test for pam_types.h
> first, and then make the openpam.h test include that if present, or
> something else.  Do you have a patch for configure.ac that you think
> addresses this?
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