[quagga-dev 5029] Re: Solaris IS-IS support

James Carlson james.d.carlson at sun.com
Tue Aug 7 20:03:30 BST 2007

Paul Jakma writes:
> Applied. Thanks!


> It sounds like adding DLPI support to zebra is needed to round things 
> off architecturally, and that this is best done through libdevinfo.

Yes; and thanks for the RFE.

There's likely more to ponder here, as (last I checked) libdevinfo
doesn't quite give you what you want on PPP links and the information
it gives you has changed over time (meaning there are versioning
issues).  And then there are potential issues with other somewhat
obscure features such as VLANs and 802.3ad aggregations.

But, yes, I agree that's the right sort of direction in order to get
below-IP link information.

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