[quagga-dev 5046] Re: Extracting routes from bgpd

Denis Ovsienko pilot at etcnet.org
Fri Aug 31 21:40:18 BST 2007

Hello all.

> I'm planning to use Quagga for a routing research project.  To do  
> this I need to use my own custom forwarding plane, rather than having 
> Quagga insert routes into the kernel's table (since I'll essentially  
> be using Quagga as a router for an overlay network).

A possible way to do that would be employing Linux's ability to
have more than one routing table. One could have a standard bgpd-zebra
couple feeding some non-default routing table with route additions and
removals. It's not hard to use another Linux feature known as netlink to
monitor all operations and filter out those, which go into that custom
table. I am not sure how (and if) this approach makes sense together
with the "custom routing plane", but the whole idea should be clearly


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