[quagga-dev 4580] multiple ospf/rip daemons?

Laverdiere,Phil Phil_Laverdiere at securecomputing.com
Thu Feb 15 19:52:39 GMT 2007

Sorry if I am bringing up an old topic, but I am being asked to consider
implementing multiple ospf instances.

For security purposes, we were considering completely separate ospf
processes talking to the same zebrad.


In the archives I saw mention of linux-vrf changes to quagga.  Perhaps they
were the impetus behind the bgp multiple instance work.  Of course I
recognize the bgp instances are each a thread in a single bgpd.  I looked at
the bgp master logic.  


Should I assume the bgp master aproach would be the prefered way to
implement something like cisco's multiple ospf tasks? 


Any pointers to past mail threads or documentation on this subject would be
greatly apreciated.


Phil Laverdiere

Principal engineer

Secure Computing

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