[quagga-dev 4933] Re: bgpd SIGHUP tears down all BGP sessions

Paul Jakma Paul.Jakma at Sun.COM
Thu Jun 14 12:16:07 BST 2007

On Wed, 13 Jun 2007, Lorenzo Colitti wrote:

> Because using vtysh requires you to figure out the commands to use to 
> move from one configuration to another and script the command-line 
> interface (which in my view, is something designed for humans to use), 
> etc. etc.


> Sending SIGHUP only requires you to know what the configuration should 
> look like.

But bgpd /doesnt/ try to figure out the above either.. ;)

> Essentially, you're punting the hard work of figuring out 
> configuration deltas from the daemon to every external program that 
> wants to modify its configuration. I think that work needs to be done 
> in the daemon, because the daemon is the only piece of code that knows 
> what needs to be done (and many unix daemons take this approach). If 
> you think it belongs in client programs, then, well, we disagree :-)

Something needs to work out deltas, yes.

Quagga daemons at the moment lack such kind of configuration management, 
HUP just completely resets bgpd (internally). So at present, if you want 
dynamic adjustment of config deltas, you /must/ implement it yourself 
outside the daemons.

I agree it's desireable functionality that's missing, but that's how it 
is now. Your hack doesn't add it :(.

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