[quagga-dev 4638] Re: [PATCH] [RESEND] add route-map support to Zebra

Matt Brown matt at mattb.net.nz
Thu Mar 22 03:55:51 GMT 2007

Great patch thanks, just today we found a need for it on our network, so
your repost was very timely.

It's working pretty well for us, there was one hunk in zebra/zebra_vty.c
(adding the config_write_protocol function) that I couldn't get to apply
cleanly to the 0.99.6 tarball despite there being no obvious problems in the
destination file. Manually merging that hunk seems to have worked fine. It
may have been a whitespace problem introduced by my mail client or
something... I didn't look into it in too much detail.

The main problem I've found so far is that changing route-maps doesn't seem
to have any effect until you completely restart zebra/ospfd. Is this

On 3/21/07, David Stevens <dlstevens at us.ibm.com> wrote:
> [resent, no response on prior submission]
> The following patch:
> 1) adds "route-map" support to zebra
> 2) fixes "show route-map" (with no name arg)
> 3) adds "prefix-list" support zebra
> 4) adds a "set src" route-map command to allow specifying
>       a source address for matched routes
> 5) adds "ip protocol" command to zebra to execute route-maps
>       by protocol (or "any")
> 6) supports "interface", "nexthop" and "ip address" matching for
>       zebra route-map's

Matt Brown
matt at mattb.net.nz
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