[quagga-dev 4641] [RFC] [PATCH] Extend rib and static_ipvX structure flags field

Jorge Boncompte [DTI2] jorge at dti2.net
Tue Mar 27 12:47:54 BST 2007

    For my own VRF work I need to add new flags to the rib and static_ipvX 
structures but all possible values are already taken. So extend the fields 
to u_short instead of u_char.

    James, I taken a look at your MPLS work and you seem to have added a new 
ZEBRA_FLAG_CHANGED_MPLS with a value of 0x100 so I think that all the tests 
in your code for the flag are worthless.

    I left outside the changes to the api_ipv(4/6) structures because it 
would change the protocol between the daemons and neither I nor James works 
pass the new flags to those.

    What do you think, it is a correct approach?


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