[quagga-dev 5137] MD5 patches...

Michael H. Warfield mhw at WittsEnd.com
Tue Nov 27 01:28:28 GMT 2007


	It's been a few weeks since the MD5 signature patches rattled around
and I got to the bottom of the IPv6 problem and someone else provided
some of the autoconf stuff.  Since I posted the fix for the IPv6
situation, I got a number of "thanks, that fixed me too" messages in
private E-Mail and not a single comment about it not working.  One
person even took the code and redid their own test client/server and got
it working (with some hand holding).

	What are the thoughts, plans, schedules, for getting this into CVS?  Is
there anything else lacking?  Is there any heartburn over the current
status of the MD5 signature patches?  I'm worried that with any custom
patching, like I have now, I'm going to get burned in a routine update.

	I don't see a roadmap for when the next version is likely out.
Thoughts there too?

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