[quagga-dev 5148] Re: Shadowing Daemon (implementing callback from zclient.h)

Paul Jakma Paul.Jakma at Sun.COM
Fri Nov 30 18:17:25 GMT 2007

On Fri, 30 Nov 2007, Eric Keller wrote:

> 2007/11/30 12:43:19 ZEBRA: Zebra 0.98.6 starting: vty at 2601
> 2007/11/30 12:43:32 ZEBRA: netlink_parse_info: netlink-listen type 
> RTM_NEWROUTE(24), seq=1196444614, pid=2641
> 2007/11/30 12:43:32 ZEBRA: RTM_NEWROUTE ipv4 unicast proto boot
> 2007/11/30 12:43:32 ZEBRA: RTM_NEWROUTE

IIRC, the logging in 0.98.6 of kernel updates isn't particularly 
brilliant. It might be more useful to try replicate this with 0.99.

> ip route change via
> Zebra doesn't print anything
> ip route change dev nf2c0
> Zebra doesn't print anything
> ip route change dev nf2c0 via
> Zebra doesn't print anything

What does the Linux 'ip monitor' say?

> This seems to be the case... any idea on how to fix it?  I'm far from 
> an expert, but a look in /usr/include/linux/rtnetlink.h shows the 
> various message types e.g "RTM_NEWROUTE".  Doesn't seem like there's 
> anything for changes - but I could very well be missing something.

What message does Linux send for changes? Use 'ip monitor'.

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