[quagga-dev 5104] BFD implementation for Quagga

Jaroslaw Adam Gralak jagralak at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 21:28:09 BST 2007

Just for your information (sorry for cross-posting) , a new project
has been lunched:

The goal is to provide a BFD (Bidirectional Forwarding Detection)
implementation for Quagga.
Currently only BGP can take advantage of BFD API - support for other
will be added subsequently.

You can download patches (for Quagga 0.99.9)  i.e. general patch for
bfdd and patch for bgpd  from the project's page:


Project is in a rather early stage (thought is marked as Beta),
basically bfd daemon works "rather" stable, but since it wasn't tested
extensively for sure has bugs.

I can confirm that at this stage following drafts have been implemented:
read files attached to release for details.

Project was tested successfully with recent versions of Juniper JUNOS,
haven't got a chance yet to test is with Cisco.

Feedback is welcomed.


Jaroslaw Adam Gralak

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