[quagga-dev 5302] how to communicate with quagga daemons?

huhao huhao at is.iscas.ac.cn
Wed Apr 16 03:44:17 BST 2008

hi all:

	I have installed quagga 0.98.6, and I want to communicate with quagga
daemons. That is, I need to send new configuration to quagga runtimely
in my programs (not Linux terminal) and quagga will act on this new
configuration at once. All my programs should be written in C language.

	I have considered two approaches:
	The first one and the easiest one is to modify the configuration file
of each daemon. This approach is my first choice, however, each daemon
should restart to read the configuration file, isn't it? While I do not
want daemons to restart, is it possible? i need your instructions.

	The second one of course is to modify quagga itself. I am intended to
send configurations to quagga interfaces by my program, then quagga will
analyze and set the configurations. But I know little about the quagga
development, i do not know how quagga works and whether can this
approach works. Can you help me?

	Any instructions is graceful. Thank you all.
	Best regards


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