[quagga-dev 5313] Re: how to communicate with quagga daemons?

David H. Guerrero elcinturapartida at yahoo.es
Mon Apr 21 12:32:56 BST 2008

Hello all,

a little and basic help in this wiki:


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> hi all:
>     I have installed quagga 0.98.6, and I want to communicate with quagga
> daemons. That is, I need to send new configuration to quagga runtimely
> in my programs (not Linux terminal) and quagga will act on this new
> configuration at once. All my programs should be written in C language.
>     Problem:
>     I have considered two approaches:
>     The first one and the easiest one is to modify the configuration file
> of each daemon. This approach is my first choice, however, each daemon
> should restart to read the configuration file, isn't it? While I do not
> want daemons to restart, is it possible? i need your instructions.
>     The second one of course is to modify quagga itself. I am intended to
> send configurations to quagga interfaces by my program, then quagga will
> analyze and set the configurations. But I know little about the quagga
> development, i do not know how quagga works and whether can this
> approach works. Can you help me?
>     Any instructions is graceful. Thank you all.
>     Best regards
>                 POP

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