[quagga-dev 5318] BGP doubts (starting)

Zaida Varona zaiuni at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 10:23:51 BST 2008


 I'm Zaida Varona, an student of Telecommunications Engineering from Bilbao.
I'm doing my final project based on BGP/MPLS IP VPNs. I've just started so
I'm a little bit lost.

 I'm mainly interested in the use of BGP-4 (MP-BGP and Extended Communities)
and till now I've been looking for what was done in quagga.

 I'm not sure if I have understood what is missing so I'll make my guess and
would be very grateful if anybody would correct me :).

 So as far as I know, what is missing is a way that the PE (Provider Edge
Router) assigns a VPN label indicating the VRF that the packet belongs to (I
know is not always that way, it's just to explain myself better) and
announcing it with the RD (Route Distinguisher) and the RT (Route Target)
that has been previously configured, via BPG. So what we need is to
"construct" the UPDATE message. Will this be "all"? I mean, if in
bgpd_mplsvpn.c and many other .c in quagga the decoding/encoding is already
possible and providing ldp is working (or at least that the we have an
static distribution of labels among al P routers), would that work? Or I'm
missing something/everything :)?

 As I said before, I'm probably having a really narrow idea of everything :)

 Thank you in advance,

 Zaida Varona

 P.S: I hope you undestand what I've said, even though I understand english
quite well it's difficult for me to write :S
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