[quagga-dev 5251] Re: [PATCH] include quagga headers in C++

paul at clubi.ie paul at clubi.ie
Sun Feb 3 18:27:13 GMT 2008

On Thu, 31 Jan 2008, Peter Szilagyi wrote:

> What I did is fixing C++ linkage utilizing the possible minimum 
> changes in quagga code. Presumably there would be much more to do 
> like better separation of daemons, but that's out of my personal 
> interest and far beyond my knowledge of quagga/zebra internals.

Sure. I was just pontificating.

It's a shame the C++ 'extern "C"' thing doesn't apply to keywords. 
There's no easy way for non-C++ people, when extending Quagga, to 
know whether they've affected useability of headers, is there?

What are you trying to get from the ospfd.h and ospf6_area.h headers 
btw? Perhaps the answer there is to seperate out protocol definitions 
from implementation details...

> I simply would like to use the ospf api from C++ code, so I had to 
> link against libzebra, libospf and libospfapiclient. It may not be 
> necessary to link against all these, but it seemed to be a 
> straightforward step.

Interesting, thanks.

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