[quagga-dev 5270] Re: mes_lookup / LOOKUP robustness

James Carlson james.d.carlson at Sun.COM
Tue Feb 26 22:31:05 GMT 2008

Paul Jakma writes:
> > Other implementations may tolerate NULL args differently though.
> Yep. See also:
>   http://www.opensolaris.org/jive/thread.jspa;?messageID=46911


I'm somewhat unconvinced, though, that mes_lookup ought to return
anything as grotty as "(nil)".  Either the set of messages is large
and dependent on something not in the design of the code itself (e.g.,
LOOKUP(attr_str, type) in bgp_attr.c), so some sort of
legible-to-humans "not found in list" entry needs to be possible, or
the set is constrained by the design (most of the ospfd usages) and
anything outside the range should intentionally drop core, because
it's a bug.

I don't think "(nil)" really satisfies either situation, and it looks
at least a bit ugly to me to use the same common function for two very
different cases.

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