[quagga-dev 5584] Re: [quagga-users 9626] MD5 Support - 0.99.10

paul at clubi.ie paul at clubi.ie
Mon Jul 21 23:45:04 BST 2008

I've committed the patch.

I wasn't quite sure of the provenance, please check credits in 
ChangeLog in lib and bgpd/.

I've left out the "possible-bug-avoidance" dual-socket thing from 
bgpd for now. Perhaps someone can find out whether or not the sockopt 
is supposed to work for v4mapped addresses on v6 sockets (does it 
work with IPv6? That's not clear to me either). CVS can be tested 
with '-l' till then.

Maybe at some stage in the not too distant future we'll have TCP-MD5 
on route-server too..


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Sorry.  I just realized this sentance makes no sense :)
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