[quagga-dev 5291] Looking for BGP daemon documentation

Alessandro @ gmail g3e3ek at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 13:48:42 GMT 2008

Hello there,

We are two students from the Roma3 University and we have developed a
standalone proof-of-concept (in java, don't blame us! :-P) to add integrity
informations to the BGP RIB. We have been told now to find out where this
stuff should be put in the BGP architecture, looking through the quagga code
to guess the functions that should be modified/replaced.
More in detail, we need to find the main functions that insert, update and
delete a RIB record along with all the BGP stuff.  So far, we know that
there is a data structure bgp_table, containing nodes, and bgp_table.c
contains the functions needed to manage this data structure, but only as a
collection of nodes, nothing is said about the bgp infos (represented by the
bgp_info struct we think). Bgp_route.c should have what we are searching
for, but, for example, there are bgp_rib_withdraw and bgp_rib_remove, but no
trace of update and insert. Moreover, there is a bgp_update_main, but why
does it extract the bgp_table from the peer parameter?

We searched for developer guides but either we did it wrong or there is
none, so any help would be appreciated.

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