[quagga-dev 5292] can't delete ospf virtual link

Stig Thormodsrud stig at vyatta.com
Wed Mar 19 23:25:59 GMT 2008


I was experimenting with ospf virtual links (using quagga 0.99.9) and had
the following:

  router ospf
   network area
   area virtual-link

Then I realized that wasn't a valid network on any of my
interfaces, so I tried to back it out:

  vDUT# conf t
  vDUT(config)# router ospf
  vDUT(config-router)# no network area
  vDUT(config-router)# no area virtual-link
  Area does not exist

So now I can't get rid of the virtual-link:

  router ospf
    area virtual-link

It seems like the issue is that ospf_area_check_free() doesn't have any
indication about virtual links, so the area gets deleted with the "no
network" command.  Should the virtual-link be added to area->oiflist or is
there some other indication for virtual-link that could be checked in



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