[quagga-dev 5845] Re: Update: unnumbered PtP support for OSPF.

paul at clubi.ie paul at clubi.ie
Mon Sep 1 17:18:23 BST 2008

On Mon, 1 Sep 2008, Joakim Tjernlund wrote:

> If you had, I would have started my new tree from there so it that 
> is not a problem.

Sure, but you can't know what I've done locally.

> Also, I haven't asked you to pull anything yet.

Ah.. Ok. You don't expect me to pull except on explicit request. See, 
there's an assumption ;)

> I sent a few patches that needs to go in first and which I think is 
> safe. I sent those first few because I have a hard time to get 
> anything into the tree.

> I know I don't have a history with Quagga so you obviously
> need to look extra on my patches, but this is getting a bit
> annoying as not even the simplest SEGV bug fix has gone in or
> commented upon.

Patience young grass hopper. :)

Thanks for seperating out the obvious stuff. I can see you've pulled 
the obvious fixes back into your own unnumbered tree, so you're not 
blocked on these getting into 'master'.

>> We need to work out some kind of protocol here..

> Yeah, for now I am happy with either patches or if you 
> cherry-pick/rebase your self. That way Quagga will still have a 
> nice linear history.

Well, let's be clear: I don't think it's possible to keep a linear 
history. We could try fake such a history, but why go to the bother? 
If some work gets done alongside the 'master' branch before 
eventually being included, I don't see a problem with the history of 
'master' reflecting that.

> However my repo contains extra stuff that isn't ready for general 
> consumption (The auto-unnumber command, not sure this is a good 
> idea yet) so if you feel ready to integrate Unnumbered support, I 
> can prepare a patch series with only relevant stuff in it.

Well, how well tested is the unnumbered stuff at the moment?

E.g. I'm not in a position to test ospfd very well at the moment, so 
I'm really curious to hear from people trying out your work first. 
(Has anyone ever looked at using tun/tap and some kind of virtual 
switch for testing ospfd? Anyone know of generic tun/tap switches?).

In case you think I'm picking on you, I and other maintainers have 
maintained patches (i.e. branches) outside of CVS HEAD for prolonged 
periods of time (indeed, I've got patches I use, which I never got to 
put back). That kind of thing is perfectly normal, particularly with 
more non-obvious patches.

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