[quagga-dev 5894] Re: [PATCH 08/11] Update SPF calculation for unnumbered links.

paul at clubi.ie paul at clubi.ie
Wed Sep 3 13:39:25 BST 2008

On Wed, 3 Sep 2008, Joakim Tjernlund wrote:

> Rebased my tree and adapted the "ip ospf area" patch to
> match the new network_run infra structure.
> Pushed a couple of other branches that I eventually want in Quagga too.

You've rebased your master branch, so it's not fetchable anymore. You 
need to (with your new 'master' checked out):

   git merge -s ours <old public master>

(If you've lost track of your old master, its 

You've also got unnumbered branches now, the old one 
(auto_unnumbered) and a new one which branches of a later commit in 
'master' (unnumbered). I suspect you may want to do an 'ours' merge 
of the old one into the new one there too..

If you don't want me to fetch your repo, that's fine. However, I'll 
lose the ability to review your stuff with gitk.

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