[quagga-dev 5956] Unnumbered SEGV fix

Joakim Tjernlund joakim.tjernlund at transmode.se
Thu Sep 18 14:49:42 BST 2008

My mergable/unnumbered branch at 
Just got a bug fix, here is the commit message:

[ospfd] Fix SEGV in ospf_if_lookup_recv_if()

Adding an alias on a PtP link(ifconfig ppp0:0 <IP address>)
causes rn->info to be NULL which leads to a SEGV.
Fix by testing for NULL in ospf_if_lookup_recv_if()

* ospfd/ospf_interface.c: (ospf_if_lookup_recv_if) Add NULL
  			  test and skip if true.

Noted when trying aliases on existing IP interfaces, both ethernet and
ppp links.


    Paul, are you there? Haven't heard from you for a while, I am not
    sure my mails are getting through to you.

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