[quagga-dev 7564] Re: [PATCH] zebra: router-id table not sorted properly.

Denis Ovsienko infrastation at yandex.ru
Mon Dec 21 15:54:10 GMT 2009

> The router-id table looks like is supposed to be sorted in current
>  quagga code, but the nodes are not added with the sorting
>  function.
>  The sorting function is host byte order dependent.
>  The values need to converted before comparison.
>  Fixing this causes Zebra to choose the largest IP address
>  as router-id, rather than the last address.  This probably will
>  surprise some users.  The other option would be to just remove the
>  comparison function and keep the existing LIFO behavior.
>  Lastly, simple subtraction works well for comparing.

Done, thank you.

    Denis Ovsienko

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