[quagga-dev 6406] PtP Unnumbered updates

Joakim Tjernlund Joakim.Tjernlund at transmode.se
Wed Feb 4 21:23:58 GMT 2009

I have pushed a few updates to my personal Quagga repo at 
The branches volatile/{unnumbered, misc} has the changes.

misc has random fixes and changes that stands on its own, but the 
branch needs them.

Major features are
- Support Unnumbered PtoP links, interface command: "unnumbered"
- New interface command; "ip ospf area <AREA>"
- Supports multiple numbered PtoP links between the same two routers.
- Supports Unnumbered to Numbered links, i.e, one side is numbered the 
other unnumbered.

The major part of this work has been ready for months and is waiting for 
integration into
the main Quagga repo. However it seems like none of the 7 maintainers has 
time(or cares)
to do the work so I expect it to take quite some time before it gets 
integrated. In the mean time,
people are more than welcome to try them out.

There is also a volatile/times2 branch that avoids time jumps, thereby 
the different timers happy.


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