[quagga-dev 6427] ospfd 99.11 problems cleaning up routes on termination

Laverdiere,Phil Phil_Laverdiere at securecomputing.com
Thu Feb 19 00:11:54 GMT 2009

I am seeing that ospfd is failing to delete all of its routes when I send it
a sigterm.
I have about 1240 routes created by ospfd, and it leaves about 300 int the
route table.

>From traces, it shows that ospfd is trying to send route deletes to zebra,
but the last 300 don't make it.

I adding debug printfs into zclient_flush_data() and zclient_send_message()
to try to see whats going on.
I saw zclient_send_message() encounter the BUFFER_EMPTY case for the first
1000 routes that are properly zent to zebra.  the last 300 encounter the
BUFFER_PENDING case, and are never received by zebra.

I never see the printfs in zclient_flush_data() while terminating.  I do see
the zclient_flush_data() traces when the routes are added.

I suspect a problem with the zebra client threads shutting down too soon?

I could definitely use some help with this.

Attached is my combined zebra/ospfd log file.  

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