[quagga-dev 6434] FW: Enhancement patch for isisd: Parsing Extended IS Reachability TLV

Harpreet Ahluwalia harpreet.ahluwalia at elantisystems.com
Fri Feb 27 14:25:15 GMT 2009

Resending in the hope of getting a reply...



From: Harpreet Ahluwalia 
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2009 4:25 PM
To: 'Quagga-dev at lists.quagga.net'
Subject: Enhancement patch for isisd: Parsing Extended IS Reachability




I needed to extend the quagga isisd source code to "parse the sub TLVs
contained in the Extended IS Reachability TLV (section 3 of RFC 5305, 

IS-IS Extensions for Traffic Engineering)"


I have attached the output of "diff -upwbr" above the top level dir. I
have only changed 4 source files which all reside in the isisd
directory. I have tarred up those 4 changed files and also attached


I made the changes on top of the isisd source code from the
quagga-0.99.11 code snapshot. 

On Feb 11th I had created a clone of the git repository and today I did
a git-pull git://code.quagga.net/quagga.git +refs/heads/master in the
top level quagga dir in my cloned repository and git said "Already

Then I diffed the isisd dir in quagga-0.99.11 snapshot with the isisd
dir in the local git repository I had and there were no differences. 

So, my guess is that my changes are valid on the latest version also
although it would be nice if one of the reviewers can confirm. I am a
novice git user...


My enhancements basically parse the sub TLVs in the Extended IS
Reachability TLV  in a received LSP and store them in the tlv->data of
the lsp. Then I have extended the print_detail() function of isis_lsp.c
to print the Sub TLVs in the TE Extended IS Reachability TLV.


I hope that you and others working on MPLS TE will find my changes
useful and am hoping that someone will review them and incorporate them
in the isisd codebase. One of the main things to be reviewed would be
lines 260, 1233 and 1251 of the "isis_tlv.c" file with my changes


If you need me to submit the changes is a different format or make any
modifications to my changes please let me know.


I have tested on a GNU/LINUX testbed against cisco 7200 and Juniper 4350




Harpreet Ahluwalia 

Sr. Software Engineer 


300 Atrium Drive, Somerset, NJ 08873. USA

Tel:  732-469-7825 x 7024    Fax: 732-469-7823

SKYPE ID: harpreet.ahluwalia.elantisystems 








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