[quagga-dev 6594] Re: peer-group and route-reflector-client

Eric Sobocinski sobo at arbor.net
Mon May 18 14:32:04 BST 2009

How is Quagga not liking it?

I have a box currently running Quagga 0.99.9 bgpd with the patch from 
bug 497 applied with route-reflector-client configured on multiple 
peer-groups in multiple views and am having no problems.  A few weeks 
ago I tried running the 20090430 head with patches and also had no 
problems reading the startup config.  (I backed down to 0.99.9 later 
because of the AS4 crash issue).


On 5/17/09 23:08 +0800, Adrian Chadd <adrian.chadd at gmail.com> wrote:
> G'day,
> I've noticed that Quagga doesn't like having a route-reflector-client
> configured in a peer group. It is fine to configure it during runtime,
> just not at configuration parse at startup.
> What is the correct behaviour? (I'll submit a patch for whichever it should be.)
> Thanks,
> Adrian

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