[quagga-dev 7351] Re: Quagga 1.0?

Tom Henderson tomh at tomh.org
Sun Nov 15 05:15:42 GMT 2009

Joakim Tjernlund wrote:
>>> On Fri, 13 Nov 2009, Joakim Tjernlund wrote:
>>>> Isn't it time to release 1.0 of Quagga?
>>>> There is a lot of stuff waiting in different branches for post 1.0
>>> Personally I'd like to see at least one more RC, fixing a few bugs
>>> listed in bugzilla.
>> +1.  There are eight blockers listed, and lots of unapplied patches.
>> Are these really blockers or will they be downgraded?  Could the
>> maintainers please post a release plan somewhere on the web site?
> As understood it, the plan was to release the current .99 release
> iff there are no (major) regressions.
> What are the blockers(I must admit I am not familiar with quagga bugzilla)?
> Are you sure they still apply?

All of the blockers can be seen by searching for "Severity=blocker" in 
the tracker, or by looking at all of the open bugs-- they stand out in 
red.  Seven of them have been filed since July, and at least one 
comments that it is against 0.99.15, so I suspect that many still apply.

Bugzilla usually lets the submitter pick the severity/priority so I 
don't know whether the maintainers would agree with these blocker 
assessments.  However, I'm just curious whether things in the tracker 
can be triaged by the maintainers, because the tracker would suggest 
that a release can't be made at this time.

- Tom

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