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Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Mon Nov 30 16:41:11 GMT 2009

"Chris Hall" <chris.hall at highwayman.com> writes:

> I've started on a "small" project to introduce pthreads to Quagga bgpd.
> (This is sponsored by Euro-IX.)
> 1. is there any problem assuming pthreads support ?
> That is, do I need to worry about retaining the ability to build a bgpd
> without pthreads ?

I would be very nervous about saying that no pthreads ==> no ability to
build/run bgpd.

> This is obviously useful.  In this day and age, can one rely on that being
> available ?
> If not, can anyone advise on the general availability of nanosleep ?  That
> is nominally optional, but I understand it to be well supported.  At least
> as well supported as pthreads ?

The real questions are

  What set of platforms does quagga run on today?

  What set would it run on if you depend on this?

  Are we willing to lose the difference?

And the answers are probably "a lot" , "not quite as many", and "not
really", but I don't know.
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