[quagga-dev 7445] Re: (no subject)

Michael Lambert lambert at psc.edu
Mon Nov 30 22:52:18 GMT 2009

On 30 Nov 2009, at 17:44:32, Stephen Hemminger wrote:

>> Yes, I am not convinced either. What might work though is to make each daemon
>> a thread(zebra, bgp, ospf etc.). However, I do think there is much to do to
>> better the performance within the current framework.
> Processes are actually faster than threads because they don't share state!
> The only reason threads help is when the shared state is helpful. That is why fast web
> servers use processes not threads. Now with Quagga, the RIB could be shared between routing
> daemons, but the performance bottleneck in routing daemons is updates and these occur
> from a single source (usually). Paul was doing some work to fork for some cases where
> there was read-only thread (like vtysh dump).

What would your thoughts be on making each view in bgpd its own thread?  Could this improve performance as a route server?


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