[quagga-dev 7281] Re: isisd, new releases, how to support Quagga best

paul at jakma.org paul at jakma.org
Fri Oct 2 21:50:34 BST 2009

On Sat, 12 Sep 2009, Fritz Reichmann wrote:

> Hi @ll,
> came back from vacation :-) and saw Quagga 0.99.15 has been 
> released in the meantime :-), and nothing is in the changelog for 
> isisd :-(.
> What is the workflow for patches to go into the releases? What is 
> the best way to keep improving Quagga? Is it better to open a 
> seperate git repository, instead of sending emails with patches 
> that neither catch resonance, nor make it into the beta release?

> isisd is at present a good playground for me to learn Quagga. Much 
> of the (mis-)functionality is basic, so it is relatively easy to 
> reach some improvement... It is just difficult for me to believe 
> that no one else really reacts on isisd: It is a living protocol?

There's a lot of work being done on isisd actually, by the "RBridges" 
project over on opensolaris.org. I was hoping they would offer some 
more comments on your patches actually - I've received a few, but 
they said they'd get back with more (they seem to have been quite 
busy recently integrating RBridges with OpenSolaris).

Basically, I know v little about isisd and I'd like to see a 
discussion about the outstanding isisd patches between those who do 
know it.

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