[quagga-dev 7263] Re: zebra_vty patch to dump route table

paul at jakma.org paul at jakma.org
Tue Sep 1 19:32:21 BST 2009

On Thu, 20 Aug 2009, warptrosse wrote:

> Attached the patch and output examples
> ip_ipv4_output.log: ip command output (inet4 family)
> ip_ipv6_output.log: ip command output (inet6 family)
> quagga_ipv4_output.log: zebra vty output (inet4 family)
> quagga_ipv6_output.log: zebra vty output (inet6 family)
> zebra_vty.diff: patch (git diff -u -p quagga/zebra/zebra_vty.c >
> zebra_vty.diff)
> check it and if it is ok, I will write the documentation.

That looks reasonable.

Is there a reason to separate the plen from the prefix though? Also, 
why not translate flags and route type to text? There either are 
existing functions to help (e.g. see lib/log.c::zroute_lookup), or it 
can be easily factored out (e.g. for the ZEBRA_FLAG_ flags).

Finally, how is one to distinguish between multiple nexthops (e.g. 
how to tell disambiguate recursive nexthop of one nexthop from 
gateway of next nexthop)?

If you feel like looking into that, great. Otherwise, I'll try 
address that later.

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