[quagga-dev 7277] isisd, new releases, how to support Quagga best

Fritz Reichmann fritz at reichmann.nl
Sat Sep 12 12:44:43 BST 2009

Hi @ll,

came back from vacation :-) and saw Quagga 0.99.15 has been released in the meantime :-), and nothing is in the changelog for isisd :-(.

What is the workflow for patches to go into the releases? What is the best way to keep improving Quagga? Is it better to open a seperate git repository, instead of sending emails with patches that neither catch resonance, nor make it into the beta release?

isisd is at present a good playground for me to learn Quagga. Much of the (mis-)functionality is basic, so it is relatively easy to reach some improvement... It is just difficult for me to believe that no one else really reacts on isisd: It is a living protocol?

I can also do testing in OSPF, BGP, both on IPv4 and IPv6, test with Cisco and Mikrotik, try to find bugs, maybe even fix one or two... But I would not really want to drop isisd.

Thank you,


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