[quagga-dev 7957] Linux 2.4 MD5 Support

Simon Talbot simont at nse.co.uk
Thu Apr 22 23:01:44 BST 2010

Hi All,

I finally have some time and am starting to do some tests with 0.99.16 and the old Linux 2.4 MD5 option using the following configure string:

--enable-linux24-tcp-md5 --enable-vtysh --with-libpam --enable-snmp --enable-netlink

The kernel is out stock 2.4.32 with the MD5 kernel patches applied and working (works with a patched version of Quagga 0.99.9). The build is IPV4 only.

With 0.99.16 I receive the error:

% Error while applying TCP-Sig to session(s)

When I apply the password to the session. Looking back through the mailing list, there seems to have been some patches a while back for IPV4 only installations and the old MD5 2.4 kernel patch, but as far as I can tell these should have all been incorporated into 0.99.16 by now.

Are there still some additional patches that need to be applied in this scenario to make MD5 work with the old 2.4 kernel and IPV4 only or have I got something else entirely going on?

Best regards,


Simon Talbot MEng, ACGI 
(Chief Engineer) 
Tel: 020 3161 6001
Fax: 020 3161 6011

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