[quagga-dev 8175] Re: request for testing

Florian Weimer fweimer at bfk.de
Wed Aug 25 14:08:38 BST 2010

* Denis Ovsienko:

>> My concern is that someone might inject a broken announcement
>> somewhere in the world, most of the Internet core performs rather lax
>> checks, propagating the brokenness, which then causes Quagga instances
>> around the globe to take down sessions. (This is not entirely
>> far-fetched, we've seen it with other BGP bugs.)
> Although "broken" (forged) BGP messages are not likely to pass other
> implementations through, upgrading to the released 0.99.17 version
> is the recommended solution for everyone.

My concern is that in 0.99.17, broken updates would lead to session
teardown, while such updates were silently ignored in previous

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