[quagga-dev 7716] ospfd: network LSA origination/refresh cleanups and optimisations

paul at jakma.org paul at jakma.org
Mon Feb 1 15:52:10 GMT 2010


The following series of patches cleanup the network and router LSA refresh
logic a bit.  They had their own timers, and various bits of code had to
remember to twiddle those at the right point.  These LSA types now use the 
same refresh logic as all the rest.

Additionally, we were forgetting the network LSA sequence number if an
interface went away and came back.  I've added a little cache, to help make
re-synchronisation after a quick interface down/up event avoid some needless   
back-forth.  It might also possibly workaround a vague bug somewhere.

Finally, the last patch fixes an issue with needless re-flooding of maxaged

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