[quagga-dev 7734] Ping: Request for Minor Version Release

David Ward david.ward at ll.mit.edu
Tue Feb 2 01:01:23 GMT 2010

(I am respectfully resending this message to make sure it was received, 
as there has been no maintainer response yet.  I believe the community 
would really appreciate having an expectation about the development 
cycle for this project.)

Could I politely ask the maintainers to please consider doing a minor 
version release of Quagga (i.e. 0.99.16) soon, perhaps after the current 
queue of patches on the list are reviewed and checked in?

I am asking because I rely on several of the patches that have been 
committed since the last release.  I would find a lot of practical 
benefit at work in having these patches rolled into a release -- both 
for internal use, and to simply our collaboration with other 
organizations that use Quagga for network routing studies.

I am also raising this request in consideration of the time that has 
elapsed since the last release (nearly five months, compared to the 
prior few releases which were at one-month intervals); the number of 
patches committed since the last release (which is comparable to the 
number of patches comprising each of the last few releases); and because 
the 0.99.x series is a development branch.

I certainly appreciate everyone's time toward this project, and I 
believe that a minor version release now would permit more widespread 
testing prior to the 1.0 release, and sustain the project's momentum.



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