[quagga-dev 7741] Re: [PATCH] [zebra] fix bug #486 (lingering after IP address deletion)

paul at jakma.org paul at jakma.org
Tue Feb 2 02:08:20 GMT 2010

On Tue, 2 Feb 2010, David Lamparter wrote:

> Yeah. The graph looks like it too. (I made it with cscope, grep and
> graphviz btw...)


> On Linux it fixes the bug. FreeBSD:

> ZEBRA_INTERFACE_ADDRESS_DELETE moves up to the point after if_ioctl 
> returned. the deletion failure path (which i can't test, how the 
> heck do you trigger a deletion failure?) now works by checking for 
> the return value of if_ioctl.

You create a stub, like kernel_null that does what you want, or have 
a look at the 'state up|down' command in testzebra :).

> No negative impact, although we move a little bit farther away from 
> bookkeeping addresses based on kernel events. But the latter we 
> have to fix properly anyway, so, well...

Also, the interaction between vty address install/uninstall and 
(truely) kernel initiated address install/uninstall needs to be 
tested. That was the impetus for ajs and I prodding at that the the 
last time - the 2 could lose sink. It's why I'm not keen on patches 
that try go 'backwards' (e.g. I distinctly remember deciding that 
that #if 0'd code would cause problems there - don't remember why 
though, nor why I didn't just remove it).

anyway, whatever you can do - just try test it well..

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