[quagga-dev 7750] Re: Patchwork for quagga patches

Bengt Gördén bengan at bag.org
Tue Feb 2 19:58:41 GMT 2010

tisdag 02 februari 2010 19:48:42 skrev  Barry Friedman:
> There already seems to be a patchwork set up for Quagga:
> http://patchwork.diac24.net/project/quagga/list/
> Ref email: http://marc.info/?l=quagga-dev&m=126453353407427&w=2

Sorry for this. Don't know how this could slip me by.

> Just wondering, can anyone review these patches? I'm reasonably well
> up to speed on bgpd an am willing to review patches if that will help.
> There appear to be a good number of patches looking for some
> attention. Also, any guidelines on what degree of testing is required
> before a patch can be committed?

In time I will also try to review patches but currently I'm really overbooked 
with day to day ẃork.


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