[quagga-dev 7755] Re: new dev model?

David Lamparter equinox at diac24.net
Tue Feb 2 20:55:24 GMT 2010

(meh, hit wrong reply button, forgot to Cc list)

Am Dienstag, den 02.02.2010, 20:07 +0000 schrieb Chris Caputo:
> Has any thought be given to the idea of having each daemon have a 
> maintainer which manages a per-daemon git tree, each of which acts as a 
> gateway for patches for the daemon they are responsible for.  Once a 
> maintainer approves of a patch, the patch heads to the master merger(s) 
> for inclusion in the main tree, with the maintainer's "Signed-off-by:" 
> stamp.  The master merger has less work to do, because they can tend to 
> trust their per-area maintainers to not be sending broken code up the 
> line.


> When someone wants to do an overhaul, such as a new zebra RIB or 
> implementation of threading for bgpd, they create a new directory and 
> become the maintainer for it.

This might work for huge, separatable changes (like qpimd), but for
"large but not that large" or core architectural improvements to
existing parts of Quagga (like the RIB) I think it doesn't. Such changes
should probably go to the "development version" of quagga, which would
be 1.1.x.

I would also suggest separating 1.0 and 1.1 for the "master merger" job.


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